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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

   The IB at WSA - Barrie Hillman
      An introduction to the IB Diploma Programme at West Sound Academy



BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Alena, Wyatt and Annika during Hour of Code, December 2017

Keeping Your Computer Secure - An article addressed to teachers on the importance of keeping personal computers safe and secure has important information for students and their families.  This list of suggested practices, from a blog post from Cengage Learning adapted from Kenneth Baldauf and Ralph M. Stair’s Succeeding with Technology, Fourth Edition, can help protect the valuable information stored on a student's computer.  



KidsHealth - Created by The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, this site provides parents with "perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens."  The 'for Kids' area of KidsHealth has "Homework help and how the body works" while 'for Teens' has "Answers, advice, and straight talk."

Zika Virus - Information from US Department of Education


Overview of Zika: how it spreads, its symptoms, how to prevent it, how it's diagnosed, and what to do if you have Zika

What parents should know about Zika

Resources for those traveling: Zika travel notices, guidelines for special populations, and information on traveling to countries with endemic Zika

US Environmental Protection AgencyFind the Insect Repellent that is Right for You: ´ü▓Guidance on the the safe and effective use of repellant products



Common Sense Media - Reviews for movies, games, apps, websites, TV, books, and music, along with articles about the impact of today's media on children and teens.

Kids-in-Mind - Ratings of movies on three different categories of importance to parents, along with detailed information on content, discussion topics, and messages conveyed.

Making Sense - Blog from the editors of Common Sense Media: "Parenting, Media, and Everything in Between."



The Washington Post How to Protect Your Kids - and Their Future Credit - from Identity Thieves - Children's IDs are often stolen. Here are signs to watch out for and steps to take to protect their credit ratings, from Washington Post consumer columnist Elisabeth Leamy.

Raising ResilienceRaising Resilience - Raising Resillience is a nonprofit organization on Bainbridge Island offering parenting education, resources and programs designed to build connection between youth and adults to help families thrive.



7 Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know About  - A "look into some of the scariest apps for your kids" in a post to the Checkup Daily blog from Cook Children's Healthcare System in Fort Worth, Texas.  A note to parents from Barrie Hillman, WSA Head of School:  "Please take a moment to review this article and browse your student's phone.  Remember that kids physically don't have the same ability to make sound decisions without accountability and structure. They also always need an out when faced with challenging decisions with their friends..."I can't use that app because my mom checks my phone" is so much easier to say to a friend than, "I don't want to do that."  Most cell phone carriers also have parental controls that are extremely helpful to parents...allowing you to view texting on your phone, limiting the cell phone's hours when it can be used, etc.  It is not a violation of privacy to know what your child is being exposed to on their smartphone that most likely you pay for."

ConnectSafely A forum where parents, teens, educators, and advocates can learn about "safe, civil use of Web 2.0 together."  ConnectSafely is a source for other related resources, including social-media safety tips for teens and parents and the latest news on technology affecting youth.

Online Privacy and Rights of Students -  This blog post from NoodleTools lists some quick ways parents can protect and support the online privacy and rights of their children.

 The Parents' Guide to Teens and Mobile Phone Use -  An infographic from online retailer Cell Phone City: 'Smartphone Talk' gives suggestions for productive conversations with children to help guide them towards proper use of cell phones; 'Smartphone Contract' suggest items that should be included in any list of rules regarding cell phone use; 'Must Have Apps for Parents' has links to apps that aid parents in monitoring and guiding their children (especially teens) towards becoming responsible cell phone users.

Sites for Game-based Learning -  A list of 48 websites offering game-based learning for students of all ages, from Edutopia and the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

Time Magazine We Need to Talk Abut Kids and Smartphones - Teen depression has surged since 2010, and psychologists, neurologists and other medical professionals are urging parents to consider limiting their children's use of smartphones. This article for Time Health, by Markham Heid, gives five tips for getting teens to reduce their use of smartphones.

YourSphere for Parents - An Internet-safety resource site for parents.

Youth Suicide Prevention and Grief Support





National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - Addressing the issue of suicide as a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful effects on individuals, families, and communities.

Rutgers Online Rutgers Online - Counseling Guide for Suicide Prevention - A website page with links to online resources, including: recognizing the signs when someone is contemplating suicide, steps that can be taken to prevention suicide, where to get help, and organizations working to provide awareness and assistance.  Presented by the Master of Social Work program at Rutgers Online / Rutgers University.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center - Promoting a public health approach to suicide.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program - Working toward the goal of reducing youth suicide attempts and deaths in Washington State by building public awareness, offering training and school curricula, and supporting communities taking action.

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