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Let’s answer the question ‘Why?’

December 18, 2015
By Lisa Gsellman

If you know me, you know I love this school. If you meet me, you will find out shortly that I really love this school. But when asked “Why?” Wyatt and Kai asking 'Why?'I sometimes find myself fumbling for words to describe what makes West Sound Academy so….lovable.

What is it that we have here that seems to be working so well? Is it the faculty? Is it the students? Families? IB? The peaceful campus? I find myself asking more questions than answering!

We are an International Baccalaureate School and the IB learner profile fits us like a glove. We are not guided by it but it comes to us organically simply through our own curiosity. We are inquirers. We are open-minded. We are risk takers. We are reflective. We all are caring. That is the sweet spot. That is the ‘why.’

I’d like to share a short and inspiring Ted Talk by Ramsey Mussallam with you about why ‘Why’ is so important in our classrooms.

Students here are transformed by their own curiosity and their search to find the answers. Inspiration flows between teachers and students as they work together exploring solutions. Kindness, encouragement, and inquisitiveness have become the culture of West Sound Academy. When I see those bright smiles from grasping a difficult math concept, or writing a great essay, or nailing a guitar solo, I am absolutely filled up with love and inspiration for this school.

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