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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - 2017-2018

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Letter of Recommendation / Student Information Form

  • Letter of Recommendation / Student Information Form  Students are required to complete this form prior to requesting a letter of recommendation from a WSA staff member.  The completed form will help assure the best recommendation possible.  Students must allow teachers and counselors ten school days to write Letters of Recommendation.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Student Initiated Fundraiser Proposal Guidelines and Form

  • Guidelines for proposing a student-initiated fundraising activity and the Student Fundraising Proposal Form - Students who wish to launch a fundraising activity which will be promoted both on campus and to the community of WSA students and families must complete and submit the Student Fundraising Proposal Form to the President of Student Council, their advocate and Head of School by September 30 for an event taking place in the Fall Semester and January 30 for an event taking place in the Spring Semester. This form is required if the activity involves raising monetary funds, selling items or procuring item donations.  

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)


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