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Embrace Idleness.

December 18, 2018
By Eric Bright

WSA History teacher Eric Bright at Fall Gathering - August 30, 2018It seems only recently that we were having fun and catching up with each other at Fall Gathering after a long summer vacation. But the sunny warm days of September have given way to gray rainy ones of December, and here we are near the end of yet another semester of school. Winter break at WSA lasts from December 19 thru January 6. It is a well-earned and deserved rest for middle- and upper-school students and staff who have been working hard over the past three and half months.

WSA prides itself on providing a challenging and rigorous educational experience to our students but recognizes the value and importance of periods of repose with no obligations and stress. We strongly encourage students and their families, therefore, to completely detach themselves from academic matters even though final exams and long-term projects have yet to be completed. Winter break is a time for relaxing, reconnecting with friends and families, and revitalization. It is a rare opportunity to embrace unstructured time and simply enjoy living without the demands and pressures of our workday lives.

So please resist the temptation to worry about school work and enjoy your break! Review week will provide sufficient opportunity to reconnect with the content of class, prepare for final exams, and complete unfinished projects.

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