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Have Used Markers?  Color Cycle Them!

September 30, 2015
By Susan Trower

A recycling Color Cycle bin for 'dead' markers (AKA 'marker graveyard') has been set up in the Conference Room in Baker Hall. 

Have a marker that no longer works?  Bring it to the Color Cycle bin!  Any type of marker can be recycled:  highlighter, Sharpy, washable, fabric, dry-erase, etc.

Thanks go to Valerie Allen-Keane, WSA's Director of Residential Life, for setting this program up for us.  She will collect the markers when the bin is full and ship them off to Crayola for recycling.  The markers will be turned into diesel and other liquid fuels that don't need refinement.  A welcome green addition to the WSA campus!

marker recycling bin