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WSA Knowledge Bowl Takes 1st Place in 1B at State Tournament

March 19, 2018
By Susan Trower

WSA KB team, L to R: Emily Bradford, Aidan Phelan, Max Morningstar, Anneke Taylor, Delaney Agodon, Ruby GsellmanWest Sound Academy's Knowledge Bowl team prevailed at the State tournament  in Arlington on March 17 to take 1st place in Division 1B.  The WSA squad (aka 'Team Lobster Hut'*) started the morning with a written round of fifty questions Multiple-choice), then four oral rounds of fifty questions (short answer) each, pitted against other Division 1B teams from around the State. At the end of the preliminary rounds, WSA was in first place. 

The 1st Place trophy comes home to WSA!The WSA squad then faced off against the sixth-place team from Waitsburg in the semi-final  round. WSA's win here earned them a place in the championship round against Riverside Christian and Pope John Paul II.  The lead went back and forth between Riverside and WSA, and after 50 questions the two squads were tied at 15 points each for first and second place. The Reader/Judge read a tie-breaker round of ten questions, which WSA won  4-0, giving them the win. Coaches Susan Trower and Lionel Pummell were thrilled with the win - WSA's first first-place finish in ten years of competition in Washington State Knowledge Bowl.

Congratulations to the winners of the Division 1B 1st place trophy and individual medals!
Delaney Agodon, '18, captain
Ruby Gsellman, '18
Anneke Taylor, '18
Max Morningstar, '19
Emily Bradford, '20
Aidan Phelan, '20

Video of WSA Knowledge Bowl team receiving 1st place trophy at 2018 State Tournament

* Yes, those are lobster claws on the heads of Team Lobster Hut.  WSA team members felt the claws were instrumental in their success at the tournament; those and the many, many practices held during lunch and lots of time spent learning obscure, and not so obscure, facts!


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