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May, 2018: Coming Up at West Sound Academy

April 29, 2018
By Susan Trower

Frodel Hall on the West Sound Academy campus - Mark Gsellman photo May 1:


Information Session and Tour

       Tuesday, 7 to 9 p.m.


Information Sessions introduce our faculty and program to interested families. Visitors have a chance to learn about our academics and extracurricular activities, meet the Head of School and some of the faculty and students, and take a tour of the campus.

Anyone interested in joining us for this Information Session can email Lisa Gsellman at

Go hawks! May 1-4:


WSA Spirit Week continues!


Monday, April 30: Pajama Day - dress comfy!

Tuesday, May 1: Snazzy Day - wear something snazzy!

Wednesday, May 2: Pacific Northwest Day - plaid shirt, socks & sandals

Thursday: Spirit Day - wear sports team or WSA gear

Friday: Star Wars Day - come as your favorite Star Wars character

Read more about WSA events in May!

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New Student Blog for WSA Spanish Classes:  ¡Películaridad!, el blog cinéfilo 

May 17, 2016
By Julieta Vitullo

Julieta Vitullo and her Upper School Spanish studentsA lot of the work that I do in my Spanish classes revolves around real cultural artifacts such as songs, poems, news clips and articles. Rather than limiting the learning experience to using artificial and mechanical materials targeted at language learners, I like exposing my students to the actual productions of the cultures whose language they aspire to master. Real materials that connect with students' sensory experiences activate the affective dimension of learning and result in a high retention and absorption of meaningful content. That's why I love using films as a medium to strengthen all four skills--listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing--while developing an appreciation for the traditions, idiosyncrasies, and historical and political processes pertaining different Spanish speaking countries. 

Las lengua de las mariposas por Taylor ThorntonFilms have allowed my students to explore a wide range of topics within the three core topics of the IB--communication and media, global issues and social relationships. Students have had the chance to learn, discuss, understand and produce written texts about the ways in which indigenous populations in Bolivia still suffer the effects of European colonization (También la lluvia), about the story of a Chinese man who lands in Buenos Aires without speaking a word of Spanish only to find a lonely and bitter Argentinian who decides to help him despite himself (Un cuento chino), about the experience of the Spanish Civil War as witnessed through the eyes of a child (La lengua de las mariposas), or about the happiness and hardships experienced by Cuban musicians migrating to New York City during the golden years of Latin jazz (Chico & Rita). Most of the films that we have watched in class explore universal topics such as love and friendship, which allow students to relate to the characters and engage in the language. Since film is a favorite form of entertainment among our students and humor is present in many of these movies, our discussions are not just interesting but fun.

Metagol por Max MorningstarAll of this background information brings me to the topic that I really wanted to present in this post: that the class of 2016 is about to graduate! Yes. It is hard to believe because it was only four years ago that I started teaching at West Sound and these wonderful seniors were starting the 9th grade. So as we are about to send this class off to their next adventure, I decided I wanted to compile some of the best film reviews written by them in our last four years of classes together and have them all in one place for anyone to access and enjoy. The idea was triggered by one of Liam Near's film reviews, in which he invented the name for an imaginary blog called ¡Películaridad!, a word pun based on the Spanish term película (film). After playing with the idea of a blog and asking students to submit revised versions of their highest graded film reviews, I decided I would also ask students in the mid and lower levels to try and write reviews that were worthy of publication. The blog now features reviews and other creative texts written by students in all four levels of Spanish and based on five different films.

The Inkless Link, WSA's site dedicated to student artwork and writing created by my journalism class in 2013, seemed to be the right place to host this blog. This site is in the process of being revived and redesigned to make it more accessible to all teachers and perhaps to clubs as well so they can host their own blogs. One thing that will not be changed in the site is the endearing logo created by Madeleine Bentley (class of 2015) when the site was first launched. Espen Swanson (class of 2017) will be working on revamping the site this summer as part of his CAS project, so talk to him if you have ideas and stay tuned to the upcoming developments.

¡Películaridad!, el blog cinéfio
     ¡Películaridad! logo design by Angie Gangi

So here is the link to ¡Películaridad!, el blog cinéfilo or "the film lovers blog for WSA Spanish classes." May the legacy of the very talented and creative class of 2016 continue and may the current and future classes keep our blog interesting and vibrant!

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