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The Show WILL Go On: See How They Run Performances set for Restore Church

March 07, 2019
By Susan Trower

WSA Presents: See How They Run at William D. Harvey Theatre at Olympic College, March 14, 15, and 16West Sound Academy's spring drama production See How They Run will be performed on March 14, 15, and 16 at Restore Church,  20081 Viking Ave NW, in Poulsbo , with curtain at 7 p.m.  The location for performances had originally been set for the William D. Harvey Theatre on the Olympic College Bremerton campus.  When the college facility became unavailable for the three dates in March, Director Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson and WSA parents and staff reached out to other organizations in the Kitsap community to secure another venue.  Restore Church in Poulsbo came through with an offer to share its gathering space for dress rehearsals and performances.

Jim Walter, Lead Pastor at Restore Church, is happy to help out the WSA actors.  ""A reason we chose to lease this space was to demonstrate love for people, to support the rhythms of our neighborhoods and  to bring tangible benefit to our community. One of the best ways to do all that is to work with established local groups. Because of this, we are very glad to host the West Sound Academy Thespian troupe."

For more information on the play and performances, see:   WSA Theatre Company Presents: See How They Run.

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WSA Theatre Company Presents: See How They Run

February 27, 2019
By Jonnie Love and Caleb Phelan

WSA Presents: See How They Run at Restore Church in Poulsbo, March 14, 15, and 16The classic 1940’s farce See How They Run, by Philip King, will be performed by the West Sound Academy Theatre Company as their spring drama production at Restore Church, 20081 Viking Ave NW, in Poulsbo on March 14, 15 and 16, 2019.

One night in the vicarage of the quaint village of Merton-Cum-Middlewick strange things are afoot. An escaped Russian spy, a saucy maid, a surprise visit from an old friend of the vicar’s American actress wife, a visiting bishop, and an on-duty military sergeant make for a wild evening of confused identities and capering through the garden.

Update, 3/7/2019: All performances will be at Restore Church, 20081 Viking Ave NW, Poulsbo.  Originally William D. Harvey Theater at Olympic College in Bremerton was listed as the location.

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WSA Theatre Company Presents: The Curious Savage, March 9-10

February 28, 2018
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

WSA Presents: The Curious Savage, March 9 and 10West Sound Academy Theatre Department presents John Patrick’s poignant comedy The Curious Savage as their winter production March 9 and 10, 2018 at The Commons, West Sound Academy, 16571 Creative Drive NE in Poulsbo. Curtain is at 7 p.m. for each night.

West Sound Academy’s actors and creative team are excited to present the high comedy of The Curious Savage, which centers on the predicament of Ethel Savage, an elderly woman who is placed in a sanatorium by her greedy stepchildren after inheriting ten million dollars from her late husband. The story takes place in the homey living room of “The Cloisters” sanatorium in a small town in Massachusetts. Here Ethel meets and befriends a quirky set of misfits who prove to be more worthy and sane than the outside world. While her ruthless stepchildren scheme to steal her fortune, Ethel finds solidarity with her friends at The Cloisters. The chaos that ensues shows how sanity can be found in the “craziest" of places.

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WSA Theatre Company Presents: The Diary of Anne Frank, November 17-19

November 03, 2017
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

The West Sound Academy Theatre Company will present The Diary of Anne Frank November 17, 18 at 7 p.m. and November 19 at 2 p.m. in The Commons at West Sound Academy, Poulsbo, Washington.

The Diary of Anne FrankOriginally written by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich, West Sound Academy will be producing the script that was adapted by Wendy Kesselman and premiered on Broadway in 1997. The story tells the tragic, accurate, and incredible journey of Anne Frank’s life in the Secrete Annex, the place where she and her family along with fellow Jews hid from the outside world that was falling into chaos and Nazi rule. The Diary of Anne Frank closely follows the twists and turns in her life as she recorded them in her diary, Kitty, from close calls with discovery, to living confined in the Annex with her family and others, to her first kiss. Kesselman’s adaptation includes several narrated passages that were originally excised from both the original publication of her diary and hence the play, by her father Otto Frank. In this new adaptation we see a more human and angst driven teen in Anne Frank who is frustrated with her mother, being compared to her “perfect sister” and a young teen who describes, both tenderly and explicitly, her schoolgirl crush on another girl and the awakening of her adolescence.

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WSA Theatre Company Presents: Death by Design on March 10 & 11

January 27, 2017
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

The West Sound Academy Theatre Company of Poulsbo, Washington, will present Death by Design, an outrageous comedy and murder mystery, as their winter show on March 10 and 11, 2017, at the Olympic College Theatre, Bremerton Campus. Curtain time is at 7:30 PM.

Gunshot shadowgraph - Britannica ImageQuestDeath by Design is the brilliantly written story of a more than eventful weekend spent in Cookham at the home of playwright Edward Bennett and actress Sorel Bennett. Already bantering due to their failing marriage and a horrible opening night, the two are greeted by unexpected guests inviting themselves to their home. As the play develops, the cast for the country weekend includes: a more than disliked politician, a socialist, a naïve stranger, and a kooky bohemian. As though the weekend wasn’t crazy enough, it is left to Bridgit, an Irish maid with a taste for murder mysteries, to solve the murder of one of the guests in the house. Death by Design is a classic whodunit with wit and charm sure to captivate any audience.

The acting ensemble includes: Audrey Jordan as Bridgit the Irish maid, Grace Schmitt as Sorel Bennett, an actress and wife of playwright Edward Bennett, Annika Nelson as Bohemian socialite Victoria VanRoth, Delaney Agodon as Alice the some time girlfriend of the chauffuer, Wyatt Weber as Jack the cockney chauffuer, Ryley Mercado as playwright Edward Bennett, Ben Browning as parliamentarian Walter Pearce, and Alessandro Scott as socialist Eric. The production crew includes: Ben Silvernale – producer/technical director, Alena Pulhug – stage manager, Jailee Bishop – assistant stage manager, Ruby Gsellman – scenic designer, Wyatt Rosenthal and Julie Hillman – prop masters, River Gsellman and Savannah Pulhug – lighting and sound design, Olivia Bentley and Ellie Swanson – costume design, Sam Olson and Jenna Tabisola – publicity and marketing. This production of Death by Design is directed by Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson.

Tickets are $10 General Admission, $7 for students who show student ID and $5 for Senior Citizens.

For more information, contact Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson: (360) 598-5954

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Fight Director Joe Bostick to Choreograph Duel in WSA's Winter Production, 'I Hate Hamlet'

January 26, 2016
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

Poulsbo, WA - West Sound Academy Theatre Department will present Paul Rudnick’s raucous comedy I Hate Hamlet as their winter production March 4 and 5 at the Olympic College Theatre, Bremerton, Campus.

1922 Poster for a production of Hamlet starring John BarrymoreThe cast and creative team for this exciting production of I Hate Hamlet are busy putting all the pieces together on this wildly imaginative ghost story, which is set in the Greenwich Village apartment that had once been occupied by John Barrymore in 1917.  A young and successful television actor Andrew Rally relocates to New York, where he rents a marvelous, gothic apartment. With his television career in limbo, the actor is offered the opportunity to play Hamlet onstage, but there's one problem: He hates Hamlet. His dilemma deepens with the entrance of John Barrymore's ghost, who arrives intoxicated and in full costume to the apartment that once was his. The contrast between the two actors, the towering, dissipated Barrymore whose Hamlet was the greatest of his time, and Andrew Rally, hot young television star, leads to a wildly funny duel over women, art, success, duty, television, and yes, the apartment.

I Hate Hamlet calls for speed, comedy and unashamed boulevard comedy while demanding absolute precision and the West Sound Academy theatre students are rising to the occasion.  To give the production the eye-popping, athletic and theatrically dazzling fight scene between stage legend John Barrymore and TV star Andrew Rally, West Sound Academy has invited fight director Joe Bostick, from Toronto, Canada, to choreograph the infamous duel.  Bostick will teach two workshops at West Sound Academy for theatre students - Movement for the Stage and Stage Combat on Friday, January 29, and begin working with the cast of the production through Sunday, January 31 - over a three-day intensive workshop.

Joe BostickBostick has been working as a fight director/actor/teacher since 1982.
His training began with The Society of American Fight Directors and with various Fight Masters in North America. Most recently, he was the Fight Director for the National Theatre of Iceland’s production of The Heart of Robin Hood. Last fall, he also worked on other award winning productions of The Heart of Robin Hood in Winnipeg, Toronto and Boston at A.R.T. Broadway credits include Les Miserables and Ragtime. Three years ago, he was fortunate to work on Andrew Lloyd Weber’s production of The Wizard of Oz. He also choreographed the fights in the North American premiere and 1St U.S. tour of Dirty Dancing. He was the Associate Fight Director for the world premiere production of The Lord of the Rings in Toronto. Joe worked as Assistant Fight Director for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Canada). Some other companies he staged violence for include Drayton Entertainment, The Ron James Show, The Jon Dore Show, The Sean Cullen Show, Nightwood Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, Theatre Francais, Theatre by the Bay, Stage West and Young People’s Theatre. He is also a founding member of Fight Director’s Canada and has taught at many Universities and Theatre Schools in Canada and the United States.

I Hate Hamlet features Sam Phillips ’16 as TV Star Andrew Rally, Joey Schmitt ’16 as John Barrymore, Audrey Jordan ’18 as New York realtor Felicia Dantene, Annika Nelson ’18 as Rally’s girlfriend Deirdre McDavey, Angie Mead ’16 as Rally’s NY Agent, Lillian Troy, and Johannes Zodet ‘ 17 as Rally’s LA Producer – Gary Peter Lefkowitz.

The production is directed by Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson with student director Jackson Vogt, fight choreographer Joe Bostick and directing intern Siri Nelson.   The production team is lead by Stage Manager Alena Pulhug and Assistant Stage Manager Wyatt Weber.  The Design team includes Ben Silvernale and Karsten Hald for Set Design; Cornelia Thane and Natalia Harmia for Costume Design; Props and Set Artists are Ben Taylor and Ruby Gsellman.

Tickets are $10 General Admission, $7 for students with ID and $5 for Senior Citizens. 
For more information contact Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson at (360) 598-5954
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Kay Morgan joins Actor Audience Talk Back Event for The Secret in the Wings

November 06, 2015
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

Poulsbo, WA....West Sound Theatre Company of West Sound Academy is proud to announce that Kay Morgan, psychologist, actor and director, will be the moderator for the Inaugural Actor to Audience Talk Back for The Secret in the Wings after the Sunday, November 15, 2015 matinee at the Olympic College Theatre, Bremerton campus.  Curtain time is 2PM.

Kay Morgan
  Kay Morgan

"The Secret in the Wings" is based on European fairy tales. The title has two meanings, playwright Mary Zimmerman said in an interview from her home in Evanston. "In 'The Seven Swans' story, a father wishes his seven noisy sons could be as quiet as swans, and they are turned into swans.

"Their sister manages to turn them back into boys by remaining silent for seven years, during which she makes jackets. She runs out of time. So one of the jackets has only one sleeve. One of her brothers lives his whole life with a human arm and a swan wing.

"It suggests the way that we all have peculiar experiences when we are young that mark us for life. But when you meet us, you don't know why we are strange in some way."

The other meaning of the title refers to theater itself. People in the audience are never sure what is waiting offstage (in the wings) ready to jump out in front of them. "The sense of surprise is important," Zimmerman says, "especially since these stories really are full of surprises. For one thing, most of them are obscure fairy tales."

West Sound Theatre Company ensemble members have incorporated their personal interpretations of fairytales and adolescent questions through the process and practices of devised theatre.  Devised Theatre incorporates the actors’ personal interpretation and understanding into the work.  The Secret in the Wings was originally a devised work by Mary Zimmerman and company members of The Looking Glass Theatre in Chicago.


Who:    West Sound Theatre Company – West Sound Academy Drama Program
When:   Performance Dates
              November 13th & 14th 7:30 p.m.
              November 15th 2:00 p.m.
Where:  Olympic College Theatre
              1264 15th Street (15th Street at Ohio Avenue)
              Bremerton WA
Tickets: $10 Adults, $7 Students, $5 Senior Citizens
Reservations and Information Contact
              Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson at (360) 598-5954


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WSA's Fall Production - Mary Zimmerman’s The Secret in the Wings - Opens November 13

October 20, 2015
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

West Sound Academy Theatre Department is pleased to announce their 2015-16 Season.  The fall production will be The Secret in the Wings, to be performed November 13, 14 and 15; their winter production will be Moliere’s Tartuffe, the Richard Wilbur translation, on March 4, 5, 6; and their spring production will be Steven Dietz’s Still Life With Iris.  The fall and winter productions will be performed in cooperation with Olympic College at the Bremerton Campus Theatre.  Still Life With Iris will be performed on the West Sound Academy campus in the WSA Amphitheatre. 

Rehearsal for 'The Secret in the Wings'
Afternoon rehearsal for 'The Secret in the Wings'

Mary Zimmerman’s The Secret in the Wings adapts a group of lesser-known fairy tales to create a theatrical work that sets their dark mystery against her signature wit and humor. The framing story concerns a child and the frightening babysitter with whom her parents leave her. As the babysitter reads from a book, the characters in each of the tales materialize, with each tale breaking off just at its bleakest moment before giving way to the next one.  Following Zimmerman’s style of devising theatre the West Sound Academy drama students will use costumes, props, sets, and lighting to brilliant effect, creating images and feelings that render the fairy tales in all their elemental and enduring power.

The Acting Ensemble for The Secret in The Wings includes: Sam Phillips ’16, Annika Nelson ’18, Trinity Pine ’19, Ryley Mercado ’17, Cornelia Thane ’16, Mubasshira Tabassum ’17, Ben Silvernale ’17, Wyatt Webber ’19, and Audrey Jordan ’16.

Director – Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson
Musical Director – Megan Hall
Original Music Compositions – Gwynn Lanning
Stage Manager – Jackson Vogt
Assistant Stage Manager – Alena Pulhug
Scenic Design – Ben Taylor
Costume Design – Natalia Harmia
When: Performance Dates – November 13th 14th and 15th, 2015
Where:  Olympic College Theatre – 1264 15th Street (15th Street at Ohio Avenue), Bremerton, WA
Who:  West Sound Academy Drama Program
Tickets: $10 Adults $7 Students $5 Senior Citizens

Reservations and Information Contact:  Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson at (360) 598-5954

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WSA Theatre Arts Program Granted Thespian Troupe Charter

October 07, 2015
By Gretchen Nordleaf-Nelson

In August of 2015 West Sound Academy Theatre Department petitioned the International Thespian Society, the student honorary division of the Educational Theatre Association, for the privilege of chartering a Thespian troupe. The theatre arts program of West Sound Academy has been determined to meet the standards required by the board of directors of the Educational Theatre Association, and their application has been accepted. We are now the proud home of Thespian Troupe #8175!

Membership in this international organization is not only a reward for the fine work West Sound Academy theatre students have done, but further evidence of their desire to continue to work in this specialized field. As a troupe, they work will contribute to the growth of better theatre in this community, our country, and throughout the world.

Annika Nelson and Sam Phillips in a scene from 'Anatomy of Gray', WSA's Fall 2014 play
International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society has as its aim the advancement of excellence in educational theatre and the continuing enrichment of theatre arts and their appreciation worldwide.

The official troupe Charter Ceremony and Induction of Thespians will be held on Sunday, November 15, 2015, at the Olympic College Campus Theatre.  Washington State Thespian Board Members will attend to officiate the ceremony. 

The election of officers of Troupe #8175 took place upon receiving the charter and they are the following West Sound Academy students:

Sam Phillips ’16, President
Annika Nelson ’18, Vice-President
Ben Taylor ’16, Dramaturge
Megan Hall ’16, Secretary
Ben Silvernale ’17, Treasurer
Jackson Vogt ’17, Historian
Who is going to be Lenny? - scene from 'Rumors', the Spring 2015 play
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