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Incredible Evening of Music Performances by WSA Jan Term Students Launches Annual Visionary Campaign

January 27, 2016
By Susan Trower

WSA Board members Jeff Johnson and Marisa Lanning, Espen Swanson photoFriday, January 22, 2016:  The last day of Jan Term found West Sound parents, students, staff, and other friends of the school seated in the Olympic College Theater, ready for an evening of music by WSA students.  West Sound music teacher Paul Burback guided his Music Immersion Jan Term ensemble to select and arrange the music for a final performance.  Before the first note was played, two members of the West Sound Academy Board of Trustees, Jeff Johnson and Marisa Lanning, came forward to address the audience, to remind them of the many reasons why they chose West Sound Academy as the school for their children.  

Marisa Lanning spoke of the importance of each family's choice of school for their children, and the need for the entire WSA community to participate in giving to the Annual Visionary Campaign.

"WSA is clearly a game changer for our children, providing them a challenging and supportive environment in which they gain the tools to succeed in life.  This certainly is the case for my own child, Gwynn. In choosing West Sound, each family makes the conscious decision to enter into a partnership. WSA provides the education to move our children and forward and we, in turn, help move West Sound forward."

"As an independent school, West Sound has the freedom to teach creatively and effectively. But as with any freedom there are costs and responsibilities. West Sound does not receive any state or federal money. It is up to us, our families, our friends, the community of West Sound, to make sure our school has the resources to thrive. Twenty years hence we want our children to look back with pride and say “that was where I got the best education and I remember when…”."

Music Immersion Jan Term Performance, January 22, 2016 - Espen Swanson photo"As you know, our tuition does not fully cover the costs to educate our students. This is typical in independent schools. How big is the gap? It’s about $1200 per student. Together we need to close the gap. Some of us are able to pay this amount, others cannot. Some will pay more. Some will pay a portion in cash and the rest in “in kind” donations, volunteering, school work, etc. It is important to me to extend and pay extra because a West Sound education is worth it."

"WSA needs your help today in order to continue providing our kids with amazing:  music, theater, and visual art instruction, exciting STEM learning and leadership, appropriate testing, hands-on science, college level history, international travel, and exposure to a global community and the connections this fosters.  These are the perks and the responsibility of a private school."

Annual Visionary Campaign Hall o' Student Mugs - with LOTS of Espen Swanson photosWest Sound Academy has two goals to achieve in the next four weeks: 100% participation in the Annual Visionary Fund and raising $140,000. 

Already the Board of Trustees and the Faculty and Staff have reached the 100% participation goal. 

The Board has asked the West Sound community to double last year’s donation and give generously, so the school is well on its way to $140,000.  

There is an extra "perk" for WSA parents who donate to the Annual Visionary Campaign:  a very special coffee mug, with an very special photo of their own son or daughter.  

A big thanks goes to WSA junior Espen Swanson for the wonderful photography on all of the mugs.

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WSA Announces Robert Burback Memorial Music Scholarship for Students in Grades 8-11

December 09, 2015
By Susan Trower

Poulsbo, WA - December 9, 2015 - West Sound Academy (WSA) is announcing a new scholarship designed to foster interest and engagement with the study, composition and performance of music. This scholarship has been set up by The Charles and Margaret Burback Charitable Foundation to honor the memory of long-time Poulsbo resident Robert Burback. 

A welder by trade and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard retiree, Robert Burback had many interests and talents: sailing, woodworking, amateur radio, cooking, gardening, among others.  His friends knew him as "the guy who could fix anything".  He loved helping people, whether it was to do a much-needed welding job or to give away a huge bowl of his favorite zucchini soup.  His lifelong passion was music, and he played the organ every day of his life from when he first learned music as a young child.

Robert A. Burback, 1937 - 2015
Robert A. Burback, 1937 - 2015
Robert and Paul Burback, 1974
Robert and Paul Burback, 1974

Robert Burback was the father of West Sound Academy music teacher Paul Burback, and the son has carried on his father's musical legacy.  Paul Burback has taught music classes at WSA for over eight years and has developed a program that fosters creativity, diversity and collaboration among his students. The new scholarship will make this program more readily available to deserving WSA music students.

The Robert Burback Memorial Music Scholarship will be awarded to two currently enrolled WSA students in grades 8-11 who are nominated for consideration by the school’s scholarship committee. Each scholarship recipient will be awarded a total of $5,000 each to be applied directly to the cost of tuition and divided evenly over the remaining years of enrollment until graduation.  A student must have already been enrolled at WSA for a minimum of one semester and taken at least one Upper School music ensemble elective class at WSA to be eligible. 

The first nominations will be made in early January 2016, and the award recipients will be announced about a month later in early February.

Paul Burback and Upper School music students
Paul Burback and his Upper School music ensemble students
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