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WSA Knowledge Bowl Team Wins Summit Award ... and WS1 Comes in 1st Place Again

January 15, 2019
By Susan Trower

Smarty Awards for highest-scoring team, given to WS1 for Written Round #1 and Oral Round #4West Sound Academy's Knowledge Bowl team competed in the second regional competition of the season at Fort Worden on January 10, 2019.  Thirteen schools from the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas and 33 squads were at the day-long event.  WSA came away with the Summit Award for 1B,  with the highest combined two-squad score in that division. WSA's top squad, WS1 (aka "Manifest Westiny") had an outstanding day, earning a total of 113 points: a repeat of their first place finish at the practice competition on November 30 at North Mason High School. WS1 also earned two of the five "Smarty Awards" (certificate plus candy - Smarties®, of course!) given to the highest-scoring squad in each of the five rounds with their 40 points in the Written Round 1 and 21 in Oral Round 4.

WS1 was not the only West Sound team at the competition: West Sound brought 17 students in four squads. WS2 came in 6th overall. WS1, WS2 and WS4 were the three highest scoring teams in Division 1B. WS3, our 9th grade squad, scored 5th in 1B. Practices for the WSA team continue in preparation for the next regional competition on February 7 at Fort Worden. Squads will compete to qualify for the State Tournament, to be held at West Valley High School in Yakima on March 23.


Congratulations to our entire team!


          WS1: Max Morningstar (Captain), Emily Bradford, Max Metters, Aidan Phelan

          WS2: Emma Longworth-Slone (Captain), Nic Cachules, Ben Mauk, Ellie Metters

          WS3: Olivia Morningstar (Captain), Ellie Osburn, Noah Clark, Sam Hopper

          WS4: Bobby Earhart (Captain), Alice Cowie, Rowan Frederickson, Corwin Taylor,
                    Blaire Forbes


WSA 2018-2019 Knowledge Bowl team - Tina Cachules photo

What's That Green Stuff? Seniors Complete Their Independent Biology Experiments.

January 07, 2019
By Karen Mattick

Initial phytoplankton culture for a senior’s Biology project - Karen Mattick photoOf all the experiments running in the Life Science classroom during the seniors’ biology experiments, the bubbling beakers filled with something vividly green received the most attention. That green stuff is Nannochloropsis phytoplankton. The experiment investigated the effects of salinity on the photosynthesis rate of these microscopic plants. The student made use of a dissolved oxygen sensor from our growing collection of electronic sensors in order to measure changing photosynthesis rates.

This experiment is one example of the fifteen student-designed investigations created this year as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program’s Internal Assessments. Read more >>>

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Embrace Idleness.

December 18, 2018
By Eric Bright

WSA History teacher Eric Bright at Fall Gathering - August 30, 2018It seems only recently that we were having fun and catching up with each other at Fall Gathering after a long summer vacation. But the sunny warm days of September have given way to gray rainy ones of December, and here we are near the end of yet another semester of school. Winter break at WSA lasts from December 19 thru January 6. It is a well-earned and deserved rest for middle- and upper-school students and staff who have been working hard over the past three and half months.

WSA prides itself on providing a challenging and rigorous educational experience to our students but recognizes the value and importance of periods of repose with no obligations and stress. We strongly encourage students and their families, therefore, to completely detach themselves from academic matters even though final exams and long-term projects have yet to be completed. Winter break is a time for relaxing, reconnecting with friends and families, and revitalization. It is a rare opportunity to embrace unstructured time and simply enjoy living without the demands and pressures of our workday lives.

So please resist the temptation to worry about school work and enjoy your break! Review week will provide sufficient opportunity to reconnect with the content of class, prepare for final exams, and complete unfinished projects.

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WSA Robotics Team is Headed to State Championship in February

December 17, 2018
By Lionel Pummell

WSA Robotics team at work in the pits - December 15, 2018WSA’s Robotics team competed in the Feynman Interleague championship event of the FIRST Tech Challenge on December 15 at the Amazon Doppler building in Seattle. Thirty-seven schools from the Puget Sound area competed in the event. After a long day of intense competition WSA’s team made it into the semi-finals finishing second in qualifying points. Robotics competition arena - December 15, 2018Team captain Aidan Phelan then choose two teams to ally with, the Spartabots from Skyline High School and the Titanium Talons from Woodinville High School. WSA along with their allies won their semi-final match moving on to the finals. After a tough series of matches WSA's alliance was defeated by the alliance lead by the CPR Eagles from Cedar Park Christian School. Having earned enough qualifying points and placing well in the competition did earn WSA Robotics a spot in the upcoming state championship.  Next up: WSA Robotics will be competing in the State Championship event on February 10 at the ShoWare Center in Kent.

Congratulations to our team, and ... GO HAWKS!!!

The 2018-2019 WSA Robotics team

The WSA Robotics team (left to right):Catherine Zhang, Adam Tucker, Gwen Moritz, Aidan Phelan (captain), Emma Longworth-Slone, Pau López (holding team robot), Noah Moosmiller, Corwin Taylor, Caleb Phelan (holding team trophy), Sam Hopper, and Michael Gao.


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