In our first twenty years, West Sound Academy has been successful in transforming the lives of students through superior teaching and excellent curriculum.

In independent schools, traditional endowments have given way to building operating reserves - rainy day funds - that provide additional financial flexibility to the school.

WSA is building its own transformational gift to seed reserves with a multi-year, collaborative development effort.

The Top Three Reasons to Help Transform WSA:

1. Ensures that student programming continues to grow and evolve
2. Leads the school into the next phase of maturity where further expansion is feasible
3. Further solidifies the school's ability to adapt to adversity or the unexpected

The school is raising $500,000 in two years:

$300,000 in 2018

$200,000 in 2019


Pledges can be made by emailing Elizabeth Butler at Pledges need to be paid by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30).

If you would like to support the campaign via credit card, please visit our online giving page HERE. Monthly credit card payments can make giving even easier so contact Elizabeth for information on how to set that up.

Hailey Hunter, Class of 2015

"The level of classes at West Sound really prepared me for college. The amount of work you do here at WSA is more comparable to what you do in college. Then you have half as many classes so twice as much time to work on them. It is really a great system because you get to college and can say, 'I am set!'"
        Hailey Hunter, Class of 2015

James Kolb, WSA Director of Finance and Operations, with Madeleine Bentley at the 2015 graduation

"I use the writing and study habits I learned at West Sound in my college courses. I use Eric's three observations technique to help understand texts that I'm reading."
        Madeleine Bentley, Class of 2015