West Sound Academy has enrolled seven and five day boarding and host students since 2009 thus offering the educational experience to students from other areas of the nation and the world.

There are several residential options at WSA, each with its own unique features. 

Single Host Family

International students wanting to immerse themselves in language and culture are encouraged to opt for a single hosted family environment.  Host families are extensively screened and selected based on common interests and values held by the student and the host family.  Hosted students become part of the family and often have host siblings attending WSA.

WSA seniors Miranda and Sherry help Audrey build a snowman
Andy learns how to make pretzels

Multiple Host Family


International and domestic students can request a multiple student host family environment which means that more than one student would be hosted by the family.

These spots are more competitive than the single host family and students will often be assigned along gender lines.

Murphy House Dormitory


Located 3 miles from West Sound Academy’s pastoral campus, this eight-bedroom home allows for eleven student residents. There are five double occupancy rooms, one single room and two resident teacher rooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower with the exception of the single which shares with one other double room of the same gender.

Murphy House Amenities

  • Living area: upstairs living room, downstairs study with piano
  • Common areas include dining room, kitchen, fitness/recreation room with foosball table
  • Landscaped yard and deck with views of Liberty Bay & Olympic Mountains
  • Transportation is provided to and from school and other activities
  • Three meals per day are included with a family style dinner each night
  • Laundry facilities in house
  • Two optional experiential activities or excursions are planned each month for students
  • Located in safe, residential area
Murphy House Dormitory

Valerie Jacobs, WSA Director of Residential Life, taking a group of international students for a trip on the ferry to SeattleExpectations


Living far from home requires a certain level of autonomy, intrinisic motivation and independence. While students are well-cared for and supervised in a safe environment, the student’s overall success relies heavily on his or her ability to manage his or her own priorities. 

Host parents and Residential Advisors establish clear and firm expectations that students are required to meet at all times. 

Failing to meet expectations will result in the student being placed on warning for the first offense. A second offense will result in the student’s final warning and being placed on probation. A third offense will result in expulsion.


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