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Every spring since 1999, West Sound Academy students have contributed poems, short stories, drawings, paintings, digital art, and photography to the award-winning Mud Pie—our annual journal of arts and literature.  

Mud Pie 2011 was the first in the series to be produced entirely by students, and so qualified for submission to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) annual Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines (PRESLM).  Mud Pie 2011 was among the Top 50 student-created literary journals, receiving a rank of Excellent.  

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The fourteenth edition - Mud Pie 2012 - was among only 26 magazines from American and Canadian schools to receive the Highest Award from the NCTE.  

Mud Pie 2012 featured a brand-new neologism section and included works by some of WSA's international students.


West Sound Academy's fifteenth edition, Mud Pie 2013, repeated the success of 2012. Student editor-in-chief, Gab Vogt, along with the 2013 student staff and faculty advisors Eleanor Johnson and David Sumner-Smith,  earned the Highest Award from the NCTE.  Mud Pie 2013 was the only student literary magazine in Washington and one of only 26 in the United States and Canada to receive that distinction.

See Mud Pie Submission Guidelines for information on submitting writing, art, and music for publication in Mud Pie 2015!


Do you remember making mud pies?  Almost every little kid has made one.  You're sitting outside absolutely filthy, and in front of you is a heap of mud.  When your mom comes to tell you it's time to wash up, you reply that she must wait because you have to finish making your mud pie.

Everyone can relate to the feeling of freedom inspired by a heap of mud which can become anything you want it to be.  At the same time, to the untrained eye, a heap of mud is a heap of mud.  It takes imagination to see it otherwise.  The dirty work itself, creating the mud, is the most appealing: you get to take all sorts of things that would never be put together before and see what they make.  In our literary magazine we want to capture these feelings of freedom and creativity, dive in, and concoct a mix of things unexpected.

Adapted from Mud Pie, Volume One, 1999
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