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Middle School

Middle School at West Sound Academy addresses the need for exploration while simultaneously providing a respectful, supportive, inclusive and safe environment. 

Both facets are carefully designed to meet students’ developmental needs.

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The Middle School course of study presents an important body of knowledge and skills but also a mode of inquiry that fosters understanding and respect. Investigation, inquiry and service in the classroom and beyond its walls enhance learning.

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The program develops:

  • Critical and creative thinking demonstrated through
       writing, speaking, media and action
  • Social and emotional strength reflected in a respect
       for others, the environment and the broader community
  • Cultural awareness and a sense of connection to the
       broader world
  • Self-management including time management and the
       ability to set and achieve goals
  • Ethical judgment and behavior from inclusivity to
       understanding and respecting boundaries between
       self and others.

Our academic program, outlined below, includes courses in Math, Science, English, History, French, Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, Technology and Physical Education.

Staff from the Library and Instructional Technology work closely with teachers to assure that students seamlessly develop research, writing and presentation skills in the context of class assignments and apply those skills through long-term research projects including National History Day and the Science Extended Research Project.

               Sixth grade science class conducting a classic exothermic reaction. Soap and food coloring were added to make the reaction more dramatic and gives students an unforgettable sensory experience!

The partnership between Middle School parents, teachers and students includes:

  • An assigned Advocate to be a primary source of information and support for student and parent
  • Consistent communication from teacher to parents through email, conferences, narratives and
       report cards
  • Web-based homework calendar
  • Student school email address
  • Opportunities to attend events displaying student work or performances
  • Safe environment for students to advocate for themselves with teachers and parents
  • Community building and experiential learning activities

The Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum in the Middle School is intended to meet the needs of students that arrive with a variety of elementary educational experiences.  Focused on developing higher thinking skills, organizational tools and the ability to problem-solve, students are prepared to succeed in Upper School and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

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Courses include:

  • Humanities – English Literature, Geography, Washington State History, World History, Civics and
       US History
  • Language Acquisition – World Languages, Spanish and French
  • Experimental Sciences – Marine Biology, Earth Science and Experimental Design
  • Mathematics - Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry
  • Visual Art and Physical Education
  • Technology, Drama and Music


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