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Experiential Education
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Annually, all students leave campus for adventures in the outdoors.  The trips are designed with particular ends in mind.  In order to build community and develop friendships at the beginning of the school year, each grade participates in an extended camping trip.  These excursions may include backpacking, kayaking, river rafting, rock climbing, hiking, or some other personal experience of the outdoors. Each trip builds leadership skills and provides a forum for academic reflection.  In addition, groups organize and complete service projects during their trips.  In the spring semester three days are set aside for all-school field trips, and students and teachers leave the classroom for a variety of outdoor, service, and cultural experiences.

Experiential Learning & Outdoor Education Philosophy

Through a variety of outdoor excursions, West Sound Academy integrates its academic curricula with the teaching of safe yet active participation within our environment.

Students broaden their personal awareness through the process of adjusting to an unfamiliar outdoor setting. They evaluate their relations with others, discover the need to give and receive group support, and develop leadership capabilities.




The West Sound Academy Experiential Learning curriculum enables students to:



  • Develop the skills necessary for the type of travel or experience whether it be an outdoor or cultural expedition
  • Stretch oneself physically, emotionally and intellectually and develop strength from that experience
  • Participate in and reflect upon service learning in one's own environment
  • Evolve a deeper sense of commitment and responsibility
  • To gain greater understanding of the world and that others in their differences may also be right