Advocacy Program

Advocacy at West Sound Academy builds community and character. Advocate groups are comprised of eight to twelve Upper School or Middle School students plus an Advocate who is a WSA classroom teacher. The groups meet at least once a week for a half hour or longer. Advocacy groups engage in community building games, activities, discussions, and celebrations that instill school pride and build school morale.

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Advocacy groups also engage in weekly Stewardship Activities that range from recycling to classroom maintenance to landscape upkeep. Periodically, each Advocacy has a week of “Lunch Duty” which involves working as a team to set-up and position tables for lunch, meetings, and activities and lunchroom pickup. These activities foster responsibility and afford leadership opportunities.

The Advocate is a resource to assist students and parents and offers support with everything from curriculum to social matters. The WSA Advocate closely follows each student's progress and provides an important link between parents and teachers.


Advocates also help guide students through Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) requirements.  See the CAS page on this website for more information.