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"Auk-some" (Awesome!) Performance by WSA Middle Schoolers in Knowledge Master Open

Some of West Sound Academy's top middle school scholars competed in April in the Knowledge Masters Open (KMO), an academic contest sponsored by Academic Hallmarks, the Durango, Colorado firm that supplies the questions for all Washington State's Knowledge Bowl competitions.  Teams from hundreds of schools participated, mostly from the United States, with a few from international schools in Europe and Asia.  The Knowledge Masters coach, WSA teacher Kim Uyyek, received a CD from Academic Hallmarks loaded with all of the questions in the mail.


On the day of the contest, the CD was loaded into a computer and team members worked together to answer 200 challenging questions covering all academic subjects taught at the middle school level.  Students can communicate with each other during the contest as they work to answer each question, but no assistance is permitted from coaches or other spectators.  Pencils and paper are allowed, but no calculators or books.  In other words:  this is not easy!


Coach Uyyek was very happy when Academic Hallmarks notified her of the national KMO results in late April.

The WSA middle school team had an outstanding performance, placing third in Washington State and fourth in the nation in the small school division  (total enrollment 1 - 200).

Congratulations to the participants: Delaney Agodon, Ben Browning, Jonathan Coonan, Jolie Fritzer, Ruby Gsellman, Zoe Moreton, Avalon Munger, Eleanor Uyyek, Tova Levine, Aiden Rain, Ben Silvernale, Espen Swanson, Jackson Vogt, Carter Gale, Madi Gale, Aidan Moore, Brad Rubesh and Peter Silvernale.  WSA parent Judy Levine served as assistant coach, and fellow parent Carmen Gale also gave help and support to the WSA competitors.

Addressing this year's KMO squad, Coach Uyyek said, "You guys are "auk-some"!"