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West Sound Academy knows there’s more to an education than excellent academics. We offer a wide selection of activities, from our extended field trips to numerous arts experiences, and student activities and clubs. Every student can pursue an interest that engages him or her in the life of our community. Our teachers also help students find and develop new interests.

We also know that a truly dynamic school community involves more than just the student body. West Sound Academy offers an engaged and supportive parent and community network. Events like our monthly Friday Sound live music concerts, regular Art Gallery openings, and Conservatory classes are favorites with our parents and are also open to the public.

Parents also join in the life of the community as chaperones and guides on school outings and off-campus learning activities. They serve as mentors and support to students in stewardship and service learning efforts. We welcome parent participation.

The WSA Parent Community Association (PCA), an inclusive association of all current parents/guardians, offers another avenue for parent engagement. The PCA provides a great opportunity for parents/guardians to connect with one another and support our West Sound Academy students.

West Sound Academy provides a welcoming, vibrant community that sustains our student body – please join us!