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Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship

The Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship honors an outstanding educator and community leader. During her lifetime, Ann Marie Frodel exemplified the qualities that West Sound Academy students strive to achieve during their course of study: a hunger for knowledge, a love of music and art, a deep caring for others, an enthusiasm for new experiences and a deep appreciation for diversity.  

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The Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship celebrates her legacy in education and community service by awarding full tuition to attend West Sound Academy to one student based on merit and financial need. The award is renewable each year until the student graduates from West Sound Academy provided the student maintains good standing with the school and a minimum 3.0 GPA every semester of enrollment.


The qualifications for an applicant include:

  • Evidence of merit and leadership qualities
  • Demonstrated financial need verified through the West Sound Academy financial aid application process
  • United States citizenship and Washington State residence
  • Nomination by a non-related adult using the Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship Nomination Form
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In addition to the qualifications noted above:

  • This scholarship is only available to a student applying to the school after the scholarship effective date of April 1, 2014. Currently enrolled students or applicants prior to April 1, 2014 are not eligible.
  •  A fully executed admissions packet must be submitted to WSA by the Scholarship Deadline.  
  •  Students who have received any other scholarship award from WSA prior to application are not eligible for the Ann Marie Frodel Scholarship and should inquire about other awards available upon matriculation.

Application Process

Students wishing to be considered for the Ann Marie Frodel Scholarship award for the 2015-2016 school year are required to submit the following by January 5, 2015:

    • Completed Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship Application and Checklist
    • Completed Admissions Application including school visit, transcripts and three letters of recommendation (math, English and non-related adult)
    • Completed WSA Financial Assistance packet including School and Student Services (SSS) financial assistance application and supporting additional documentation (W-2 forms, most recent tax return and letter of explanation of financial circumstances by parents). A $42 application fee is required by SSS to apply for financial aid. Limited application fee waivers are available on a first come-first served basis. See Tuition & Financial Assistance for more information.

Selection Process

Committee Review

The Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship candidates are reviewed by a committee comprised of school, community and Frodel family representatives. The selection committee convenes within ten days following the application deadline to review applicants.

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Each application is ranked by each representative on several criteria determined periodically by the committee representatives. The criteria are consistent for all candidates for a given year and are ranked using a scale of 1-5.

For each student applicant, each committee member calculates an average of his or her scores. In turn, the individual averages from all the committee members are pooled and a new average is then determined for each applicant. These averages provide for the final ranking of the applicants.

Candidate Interview

 The top five candidates are scheduled for individual interviews with the committee. A set of seven to ten questions will be asked of each applicant (the same questions are asked in the same order for each applicant). Each interviewer then assigns a ranking to each applicant interview using a scale of 1-5. This ranking is not the sole determinative factor for the award recipient but is meant to assist the committee in evaluating the strengths of each applicant.

Following these interviews, the committee representatives meet as a whole and determine by majority vote the award recipient based on a discussion of the top five applicants. The award recipient is announced by January 30, prior to the year of enrollment.

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Terms of the Award

Students who receive an Ann Marie Frodel Memorial Scholarship award are granted the award for every year of enrollment as long as the student meets the following terms each year of enrollment:

  • Maintenance of a GPA of 3.0 or higher each academic year
  • Maintenance of acceptable attendance, discipline and good citizenship expectations
  • Completion of Creative, Active and Service learning requirements each year
  • Student and family financial accounts for non-tuition expenses are up to date at the end of each fiscal year (June 30)
  • Student expresses in writing the intention to graduate from West Sound Academy
  • Student applies to college or university in his or her senior year
  • Students who withdraw from West Sound Academy prior to graduation are no longer eligible for any scholarship award program at West Sound Academy should they re-apply for admission to the school. Such students, may, however, be eligible for financial assistance on a need basis.
  • Students who withdraw from West Sound Academy prior to the end of any given academic year for reasons other than those listed below forfeit the scholarship award retroactively to the start of the school year. In such cases, parents shall be held accountable for the full amount of tuition not already paid and any tuition insurance claim will be made for the full amount of tuition. Exceptions to this term may be made for documented medical conditions that prohibit continued enrollment, relocation of primary wage earner, or, at the committee’s discretion, documented family emergency.