Finding the right school for your child is an important parental task. The admissions process at West Sound Academy is designed to help you determine if we are the right place for your child and for your family.

What's it like on campus? Well...come look around! Request a campus visit. 

We're proud of our beautiful twenty-acre campus - the science labs and technology center, our studios for art, theatre, dance, and music, the outdoor amphitheater and sports court, and Frodel Hall's art gallery. Within this beautiful setting is a thriving community of students and staff that share a love of learning.

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We admit a diverse student body comprised of individuals. We seek students whose academic and social growth we can foster and who can actively contribute to life at West Sound Academy.  Our graduates are prepared to succeed in the college environment and our college acceptances reveal the quality of our students and our program.

Families interested in having their children attend West Sound Academy typically begin by attending an Information Session and Tour, which includes a chance to meet the Head of School and some of the faculty and students, learn about the school program and take a tour of the campus.  We schedule several Information Sessions each year beginning in December.

If the Information Session reveals that the school looks like a good fit, the next step is to complete the Online Application and submit it to the school. Completed Online Applications are due by March 15, 2018.  For those families applying for financial aid, our Financial Aid Application deadline is also March 15, 2018. (See the Tuition & Financial Assistance page for more information.)

Upon receipt, the Admissions Committee meets to review the application, make a preliminary assessment of school/student compatibility, and will share if a visit day is appropriate.  If a visit day is recommended, we will contact you to schedule a day for your child to attend classes in order to get a further sense of the school. At the end of the day, your child meets with the Director of Admissions for a conversation about the day.

Subsequent to the visit day, the Admissions Committee meets again to review the application and visit, including observational comments from teachers. The objective of the meeting is to carefully consider the "match" between school and candidate. The admissions decision is then communicated to the family.

That's the “typical” process in a nutshell...if you have questions or your schedule is such that you would like to arrange a personal tour of the school and an admissions meeting with Barrie Hillman or Lisa Gsellman, call us at 360-598-5954 or email:  

International families interested in having their children attend WSA should go to our International Students page for more information.

Barrie Hillman, Head of SchoolBarrie Hillman, Head of School

Lisa Gsellman, Director of AdmissionsLisa Gsellman, Director of Admissions

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