Lorelei on a beautiful fall day at the WSA campusMiddle School at West Sound Academy addresses the need for exploration while simultaneously providing a respectful, supportive, inclusive and safe environment.  Both facets are carefully designed to meet students’ developmental needs.

The Middle School course of study presents an important body of knowledge and skills but also a mode of inquiry that fosters understanding and respect. Investigation, inquiry and service in the classroom and beyond its walls enhance learning.

The program develops:
  • Critical and creative thinking demonstrated through writing, speaking, media and action
  • Social and emotional strength reflected in a respect for others, the environment and the broader community
  • Cultural awareness and a sense of connection to the broader world
  • Self-management including time management and the ability to set and achieve goals
  • Ethical judgment and behavior from inclusivity to understanding and respecting boundaries between self and others.

Our academic program, outlined below, includes courses in Math, Science, English, History, Language Acquisition, Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Computer Language and Logic, and Physical Education.

Grades 6 and 7

The curriculum in the Middle School is intended to meet the needs of students that arrive with a variety of elementary educational experiences.   West Sound Academy's teachers nurture curiosity in 6th and 7th Graders, while identifying children's strengths and areas that need further development. 

Students in these grades are encouraged to build autonomy and independence, learning how to problem-solve and self-advocate.  They develop tools to use in school and life, both for organization and social growth.

Middle School Marine Science field trip to the beach at low tide

Grade 8 - the Bridge Year


Eighth grade serves as a bridge year between Middle and Upper Schools. Eighth grade students experience leadership opportunities with the Middle School group as well as having the support of Upper School mentors during multi-age electives and advocacy groups. This blend provides a more tangible sense of place for the 8th grade student who experiences an in-between year of 'not quite old enough for this, but yet too old for that'.   Eighth Graders can experience more success in their transition to high school , prepared to take on the rigor of college-prep coursework and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

The Middle School Curriculum


Courses  in the Middle School academic program include:

Silas at work in Middle School Humanities class
Humanities – English, Washington State History, World History Pre-1400, World History Post-1400
Language Acquisition – World Languages, Latin I, Introduction to Computer Language and Logic, Introduction to Spanish and French
Experimental Sciences – Marine Biology, Earth Science and Integrated Experimental Science
Mathematics - Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry
Arts and other Electives - Art, Music, Speech, Physical Education, Introduction to Technology


The Middle School Partnership

Success in Middle School is based on a partnership between parents, teachers and students, and includes:
  • An assigned Advocate to be a primary source of information and support for student and parent
  • Consistent communication from teacher to parents through email, conferences, narratives and report cards
  • RenWeb, a school information system, providing information on homework, lunch orders, report cards, scheduling, and more — all in a single database accessible any time, anywhere via the Web.
  • Student school email address
  • Opportunities to attend events displaying student work or performances
  • A safe environment for students to advocate for themselves with teachers and parents
  • Community building and experiential learning activities

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