WSA Hawks

West Sound Academy mascotQuestion:  What is WSA's mascot?

Answer:  The hawk!!!!

In West Sound Academy's sixteenth year (2013-2014) the Student Council decided the time was right to choose official colors and a team mascot for WSA.  Surveys were conducted to gather suggestions, then an election was held in March 2014.  Students chose navy blue and silver for school colors, and the hawk as the official team mascot.   

A logo was now needed to go with the new mascot, and WSA alum Matt Trower, Class of 2009 and Rockin' Neapolitan creator agreed to take on the job.  The student council again sought input from students - what did they want the new hawk to look like?  Submitted drawings were taped to the wall in the Commons, and students voted for their favorites.  

Proud to be WSA Hawks: Ben Silvernale, Class of 2017 and Johannes Zodet, international student from Germany


Trower used the student drawings to come up with some proposals, which were sent to Student Council for input and feedback.  The ultimate design has feathers that are reminiscent of a nautilus shell, an image used as the school logo in the early years of West Sound Academy.

These days the WSA Hawk can be seen all around campus - not only on jackets and other logo gear, but also on the tops of picnic tables and the backs of the Adirondack chairs used by the current students and staff.