Dr. Ed Frodel

Dr. Edward FrodelDr. Edward Frodel, as a co-founder of West Sound Academy, profoundly shaped the foundation and direction of the school. He freely shared the expertise gained in over thirty-seven years as a professional educator in schools and colleges in the United States and abroad. His experience as a classroom teacher and university lecturer coupled with thirteen years as an Advanced Placement instructor and five years as an Advanced Placement Examination Reader and Advanced Placement Inservice Lecturer provided Dr. Frodel with a broad view of the global educational landscape.  He employed this perspective as an educational researcher working to remodel American public and private education for the Twenty-First Century.

From 1998-2003, Dr. Frodel served as the first Chair of the West Sound Academy Board of Trustees during which time he helped craft the research-based curriculum that is at the heart of a West Sound Academy education. As both a scholar and an artist, Dr. Frodel intimately understood that an effective integration of arts and academics enhances curiosity and improves student learning. This recognition informs our curriculum.

Ed Frodel builds a pot at an evening pottery class at West Sound Academy

Experience gained through teaching in International Schools in the Middle East, Europe, and the Asian Pacific islands, affirmed to Dr. Frodel the importance of providing students with a global perspective.  From the outset, Dr. Frodel conceived of West Sound Academy as an International Baccalaureate school.  This vision became reality in January, 2011, when West Sound Academy was given authorization as an International Baccalaureate World School, Diploma Programme.

In recognition of the debt of gratitude that the school owes to Dr. Frodel, an annual Founders’ Scholarship Competition is held at the West Sound Academy campus. The competition offers outstanding students the opportunity to earn an annually renewable merit scholarship to help make a West Sound Academy International Baccalaureate Diploma education affordable. The scholarships not only honor our founders, Dr. Edward Frodel and Dr. Gordon Parke, but also provide a wonderful opportunity for West Sound Academy students and others who are interested in attending our school.