West Sound Academy is a non-profit educational organization. The Board of Trustees, an elected body of parents and interested community members, has responsibility for governance of the school. The Board adopts and maintains the school's Mission Statement and makes decisions on policy and financial oversight.  The Board works in partnership with the Head of School to assure the continued success and stability of West Sound Academy.

2016-2017 Board of Trustees


2016-2017 WSA Board of Trustees; Left to right, Kara Swanson, Jeff Johnson, Margaret Johnston, Chad Van Derrick, Marisa Lanning, Danielle Bradford, Bill Hulseman and Mark Phelan. Not pictured: Crystal Thornell and Larry Kerr


Marisa Lanning, Chair
Mark Phelan, Vice Chair
Jeff Johnson, Treasurer
Danielle Bradford, Secretary

Board Members

Bill Hulseman
Margaret Johnston
Laurence Kerr
Kara Swanson
Crystal Thornell
Chad Van Derrick


Dr. Edward Frodel, WSA Co-Founder
Dr. Gordon Parke, WSA Co-Founder
Barrie Hillman, Head of School