About Our Logo

West Sound Academy logoThe nautilus is the ideal emblem for West Sound Academy as it represents true symmetry between art, science and nature- three core elements of the school's essential character. The nautilus is extraordinary in its form: a Fibonacci triangle, or "golden spiral" where each outward curve grows in a mathematically perfect ratio. Its fundamental balance and simple beauty capture the academic excellence, exceptional arts, and the respect and support of the individual student that are the hallmarks of a West Sound education. The open shell, always expanding, represents our students' endless possibilities.

The nautilus has been brought into the sphere of planet Earth, tying-in the school's growing global perspective, our International Baccalaureate curriculum and diverse student population. A balance of the past and the future, the shell and globe honor the roots of the school while embracing the path that is to come.

Our symbol sits poised on the horizon of Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains, a nod to West Sound Academy's unique and beautiful  location on the Kitsap Peninsula. It is ready to  to rise up to the peaks, as our graduates are prepared to rise up to their bright futures.